Maximo Implementations Services

Implementing MAXIMO involves much more than installing software, loading a database, and taking a few classes. As an advanced EAM system, MAXIMO is integrated into your business and configured to match your maintenance management requirements. Often times, MAXIMO shares data and works closely with other enterprise systems. Current processes may be re-engineered to reflect best practices. Legacy applications and hardware have to be considered.

Deethya Solutions Implementation Services provide you with the highest level of technical knowledge, industry expertise, tools, and training. Our professionals have in-depth, working knowledge of MAXIMO and understand fully the challenges and solutions for a successful implementation. While each MAXIMO implementation project is tailored to our clients’ needs.

Maximo System Architecture Services

Our Consultants and our technical Experts from our partner company Informant Solutions will give the appropriate suggestions for your business requirements and to map those requirements to MAXIMO. This involves a review of current business practices, procedures, and information data flows for the functional areas that MAXIMO will impact. Using a technique called Gap Analysis; Deethya Solutions technical team identifies the gaps that exist between your business processes and MAXIMO. The results are used to determine which components of MAXIMO will be tailored to support those gaps.

Interface Development

We provide extensive Interface development (MBO customization) services to your business requirements and to map those requirements to MAXIMO. Deethya solutions provides you the best java and j2ee developing services for MBO customization.

Our Consultants and our technical Experts from our partner company Informant solutions will provide you the all types of MBO customizations, database reconfiguration, custom application deployment, building data validation rules and lists, enabling system and user defaults, and establishing security parameters. Also included is the development of new features alone with the MAXIMO stand functionality.

Upgrade Services

Are you are looking for upgrading to a more recent version of MAXIMO? Informant Solutions will helps to update your system to recent version of MAXIMO level. It can and usually does involve upgrading or rewriting your current reports, customizing screens, and more.

Deethya Solutions technicians have the experience and skills necessary to ensure a smooth transition from one version of MAXIMO to the next.

Data Loading

We worked with dozens for customers. Our technical consultants have will provide you, what the best data collection methodology is, how the information will be structured in the MAXIMO database, and how it will be entered. If data is to be manually collected and entered ,Deethya Solutions and our Technical Experts Informant Solutions will develop customized data collection forms and oversee the data collection process. Should data exist in legacy systems, Our data specialists possess the knowledge and experience to map and convert that data in the shortest amount of time using customized legacy data extraction and upload tools.

Workflow Development

Based on customers’ standard operating procedures (SOPs), Deethya Solutions and our technical experts from Informant Solutions will provides a series of workshop settings, and workflow processes are designed and documented. Once developed, each procedure is mapped to a series of MAXIMO system functions such as work requests, work orders, or purchase orders. The end result is a set of SOPs that serve as detailed instructions for using MAXIMO as well as training guides for end-user.

We have Implemented Manual and as well as the Automation workflows based on the customer requirements. We are specialized in developing customized workflows and out of the box workflows as per client SOPs.

Our Technical Consultant typically prefers to split the design and build between the functional and technical resources to ensure that the client’s processes lead the development; we generally prefer to modify Maximo to meet the requirements, rather than modify the requirements to meet Maximo.

If any client prefers/needs to out of the box functionality, we have considerable experience in designing appropriate process workarounds using Maximo’s available workflow functionality.


Our integration consultants can help you extend the value of MAXIMO by connecting it to your other enterprise applications and to your day-to-day operational systems (e.g., time-keeping, project planning and control, etc.). Using such tools as the MAXIMO Enterprise Adapter (MEA), MAXIMO’s MIG Data Xchange, and more. Deethya Solutions and our experts at Informant Solutions technicians can help you to seamlessly integrate MAXIMO with such applications as PeopleSoft, Oracle Financials, and SAP. Our consultants can also develop custom interfaces to important applications in your organization

Reports Development

Every Maximo customer requires their own customized reports. No product on the market today has every report. Almost every user requires something above and beyond the canned reports. Reporting is a critical component of your business enterprise. Whether you are using a month-end analysis report, a cost detail report, or an ad hoc report.

Our Customised Reports will help you for full reporting cycle

(1) Configuration

(2) Design

(3) Development

(4) Administration

(5) Execution

(6) Training

Deethya Solutions and our Technical experts Informant Solutions will work closely with you to define and build the reports you need for your MAXIMO system. Once developed, those reports can be made accessible to you directly from within your system. If you have a report that you would like developed, send us an e-mail that describes the report. When your request is received, we will ship you a prototype (i.e., sample report) along with a time and cost estimate to fully develop and deliver the report to you.

System Development

OurWe at Deethya Solutions and our Technical Experts Informant solutions provides Maximo Application Support and system administration (MASSA) to our clients. The successful completion of a technology implementation is not the end of the process-it’s only the beginning. Once the chosen technology is implemented, business support becomes paramount .Our support program can be tailored to suite your needs and can cover a variety of Maximo professional services including implementation support, pre –production support, post –production support, Production Support, technical troubleshooting, patches/upgrades, report development and general system administration.

We at Deethya Solutions and our Technical experts at Informant solutions offers IBM TRIRIGA implementations helps for our clients. The TRIRIGA Application Platform reduces traditional software development time up to 33% through the use of more than 16 web-based designers. TRIRIGA Application Platform designers configure, extend and add new application functionality without changes to source code. TRIRIGA customers model their unique business processes with the same configuration tools used to build pre-defined TRIRIGA applications. TRIRIGA’s object migration tool preserves changes made to customer applications during upgrades.Currently we are supports only Portfolio Management, capital projects, facilities management, service management on TRIRIGA modules.

Consulting :

We at Deethya Solutions and our Technical Experts Informant Solutions provide Tririga consultants will helps you for business and technical support services to successfully implement a solution tailored to your specific environment