Achieve greater efficiency in asset management by managing all your asset types — traditional IT, physical, and emerging smart assets— on a single platform.

The Maximo Enterprise Asset Management — EAM solution from IBM ® takes the power, performance and possibilities of enterprise asset management to an entirely new level. Built on a single software platform, Maximo Asset Management delivers a comprehensive view of all asset types — production, facilities, transportation and IT — across your enterprise. This holistic perspective allows you to see all of your assets, as well as identify all of the untapped potential within them. You gain the knowledge and control you need to closely align your organization’s goals with the overall goals of your business.

Get everything you need to optimize your assets and your business
Consisting of six key management modules — asset, work, service, contract, materials and procurement management — The IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management solution is what you need to optimize the performance of every asset. To help maximize return on assets, Maximo Asset Management enables you to develop comprehensive programs for preventive, predictive, routine and unplanned maintenance. Together, these programs contribute to your goals of reducing costs and increasing asset uptime. When you use Maximo Asset Management to help maximize the performance and lifetime value of complex assets and closely align them with your overall business strategy. The end results:

1. Improve return on assets.

2. Decrease costs and risk.

3. Increase productivity.

4. Improve asset-related decision making.

5. Increase asset service delivery responsiveness and revenue.

6. Facilitate regulatory compliance efforts.

7. Lower total cost of ownership

Turn knowledge into decision-making power and asset performance with IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management.

IBM asset management solutions provide you with the capability to:

1. Support all asset types with deep enterprise asset management functionality provided for key industries: Transportation, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Life Sciences, Nuclear, Utilities and Service Providers

2. Enhance environmental sustainability by reducing operational costs, managing real estate assets, and meeting regulatory drivers on energy efficiency

3. Gain visibility and control over critical assets that affect compliance, risk and business performance

4. Increase the useful life of capital assets with improved business processes for an increased return on assets and enhanced operational efficiency.

Maximo ITSM (IT Service Management) provides the comprehensive view you need to optimize your IT processes, maximize your return on assets, reduce risks and costs, and improve service levels. You can implement Maximo ITSM as a complete asset and service management solution, or you can implement it to support specific projects such as asset tracking, asset life cycle management and service desk enhancement.

Consisting of five key management systems, Maximo ITSM easily integrates with your unique business systems, allowing you to work the way you want to work.

Only Integrated Service Management provides the software, systems, best practices and expertise needed to manage infrastructure, people and processes—across the entire service chain—in the data center, across design and delivery, and tailored for specific industry requirements. With Integrated Service Management you gain the Visibility. Control. Automation.™ needed to deliver quality services, manage risk and compliance, and accelerate business growth.

IBM TRIRIGA A leading integrated workplace management system (IWMS). Integrates the management of global workplaces, all from one location.

IBM TRIRIGA provides a single system to manage the life cycle of facilities. It delivers business analytics, critical alerts and automated processes to increase visibility, control & automation of real estate management, capital projects, space management, facility maintenance and energy management. IBM TRIRIGA provides an integrated workplace management system to increase operational, financial and environmental performance of facilities.

As a leader in workplace management solutions, TRIRIGA will strengthen IBM smarter buildings solutions by adding these key functions:

Real Estate Portfolio Management, including strategic portfolio planning and lease management

–TRIRIGA assists companies in their efforts to optimize building use, reduce occupancy costs and improve lease administration. TRIRIGA software helps companies evaluate future space requirements and make long term planning decisions. For example, using solutions from TRIRIGA, managers can determine future space and growth needs and choose the most financially beneficial options among lease or buy alternatives.

Capital Project Management, such as condition assessment, budgeting, construction estimating and project management

– Effectively evaluating building condition and prioritizing investments are important in maximizing a facility’s lifetime value at the lowest cost. For example, using TRIRIGA solutions, property managers can assess whether to replace a roof on a building versus replacing the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment by determining which is likely to prove a better return-on-investment and assessing trade-offs in identifying investment priorities.

Energy and Environmental Sustainability, such as monitoring utility costs and consumption, analyzing environmental investments and setting carbon management strategies

– Tracking and managing utility costs, including electricity, gas and water, is the first step companies must take in driving those costs down. Using TRIRIGA software, a company can monitor and track its carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gases from underperforming facilities. Companies can evaluate the financial and environmental benefit of capital investment decisions focused on energy and environmental efficiency strategies, such as a building retrofit or updating to a more efficient HVAC system

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager gives you centralized, automated data protection to help reduce the risks associated with data loss. This highly scalable software helps you manage more data with less infrastructure and simplified administration. Now you can save money, improve service levels and comply with data retention regulations.

Tivoli Storage Manager automates data backup and restore functions and centralizes storage management operations.

1. Backup and recovery management – A single administrator interface allows configuration, monitoring, reporting and backup/recovery execution across the entire complex IT environment.

2. Hierarchical storage management – Enables policy-based management of file backup and archiving, with automatic migration of data between tiers of storage. This feature reduces storage media requirements and administrative costs associated with managing data.

3. Scalability – Manage as many as four billion data objects in a single Tivoli Storage Manager server.

4. Advanced data reduction – Combines progressive incremental backup, source and target data deduplication, compression and tape management. This advanced technology cuts data storage costs, decreases environmental requirements and simplifies administration.

  • Improve business continuity by shortening backup and recovery times and maximizing application availability with advanced data recovery management technologies
  • Employ data de-duplication and a hierarchy of storage to increase efficiencies and conserve resources
  • Enhance data security with innovative access and encryption features Help adapt to changes within the IT infrastructure to minimize service disruptions and speed restorations and backups
  • Help control storage management costs with ease-of-use features and integration with IBM network attached storage (NAS) products
  • Increase visibility into the data protection environment by providing advanced features for operational monitoring and historical reporting
  • Create customizable reports in multiple formats such as HTML, Adobe® Portable Document Formatting (PDF) and comma-separated values (CSV)

IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring software helps you optimize IT infrastructure performance and availability. Use this system monitoring software to manage operating systems, databases and servers in distributed and host environments.

  • Provides a common, flexible and easy-to-use browser interface and customizable workspaces to facilitate system monitoring
  • Detects and recovers potential problems in essential system resources automatically
  • Offers lightweight and scalable architecture, with support for IBM AIX®, Solaris, Windows®, Linux® and IBM System z® monitoring software Includes, as part of the system monitoring software package, easy-to-use warehouse and advanced reporting capability
  • Helps ensure IT resources and staff are operating efficiently and effectively, when combined with composite application, event, network and service-level management solutions from IBM Tivoli
  • Operating systems supported: AIX, HP Unix, i family, Sun Solaris, Windows