Red Catalog is one of our partner products at RedCaso, RedCatalog is a professional online digital application which allows you to automatically change PDF files into interactive digital catalogs and delivering your digital catalogs to online and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Red Catalog brings out the tranformation to the way people read on internet. We create online digital catalogs, allowing the customers to cut costs on printing and distribution. Each individual online catalog has its own unique abilities and design, as we offer the widest range of configurable options.

No wasting time and money in priniting and distribution. Go green with online catalogs

Why Red Catalog?

  • Replacement of simple pdf links into interactive online digital catalogs.
  • Increase sales by interactive online digital catalogs.
  • Attract more visitors to your site and allowing them to view your products before they come to your store.
  • Going Eco-friendly by eliminating paper publishing and distribution.
  • You can significantly lower your business costs
  • Features:
    Hotspots Highlight a product anywhere on the page. You can zoom in or zoom out and share the hotspot reference to your friend.
    3D View View the products in 3D View.
    Zoom Zoom in or Zoom out anywhere on the page for better readability.
    Easy navigation Easily navigate to any page using Page Swiping, Table of contents, jump to page, page navigator buttons and keyboard shortcuts.
    Bookmarks Save a page or product as a bookmark.
    Image Gallery View the pages in a single view as thumbnails and navigate from there to any page.
    Share via email and social networks Share any page or product through email and social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc..,
    Keyword search Quickly search the whole catalog for what you are looking for and navigate to any page from there.
    Multi Lingual support Language support for 27 major languages around the world.
    Hyperlinks Links to predetermined websites.
    Audio Hear the product information.
    Video See the product information in action.
    Printing Customers can print any page or product they want.
    Save for offline viewing Download a catalog and browse it when you are not online.
    Statistics - Page wise, Downloads, Heatmaps Monitor and save all visitor action for your online digital catalog and display the statistics report in graphical representation.
    Single & Spread page pdf support PDF may be single or spread page, we support both.
    Widgets Give your catalog links and make it available in other websites.

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