SAP Services

Deethya Solution's and our partner BanyanSoft offer SAP implementation services to customers who intend to implement one or more modules of SAP ERP. Our expertise covers all the SAP modules. We also advice on hardware, software and related infrastructure requirements. We have pre-configured SAP best-practice-based solutions for various Market Verticals. Our unique implementation methodology ensures speedier implementation of a good quality solution.

Our SAP Rollout services are meant for customers who propose to extend their existing SAP environment to other organizational entities and locations based on either a template or existing configuration. Roll-out as opposed to new implementation ensures lower cost, higher standardization of processes and better management control. During the roll-out we consider local and legal requirements of the organization for which the implementation is rolled out.

Key activities carried out by during the course of implementation and rollout is:

  • High Spot System Study
  • Business Blue Print Definition
  • System Realization and Development
  • Unit Testing, Integration Testing and User Acceptance
  • Data Migration Strategy and Execution
  • User Training and Change Management
  • Cut over Planning and Go Live
  • Post Go Live Support
  • System Assessment and Periodical Review
  • SAP Upgrade Services
  • Deethya Solution's offers SAP Upgrade services to customers planning to upgrade their SAP system to the latest release. The customer may also like to use some of the new features available with the latest release. Upgrade, primarily, is a technical task. Upgrades may involve hardware upgrade/migration apart from OS and DBMS upgrade activities. Successful upgrade is critical to business continuity. Thus, recommended to be addressed by experienced personnel. Our approach to upgrade is elaborate. We begin with sizing of the future production system. We examine every scenario in detail and, make an elaborate plan prior to actual upgrade. Our BASIS, ABAP and Application Consultants study the customer’s existing system in detail alongside the customer’s Upgrade Manager. The objective of this exercise is to ensure smooth up gradation with minimum impact on business.

    To ensure maximum benefit from an installed SAP system, we recommend that our customers have objectively-analysed and a well thought out maintenance plan.

    Our maintenance services comprise of two models:

  • Post Implementation Consulting Support where a fixed number of consulting days are purchased in advance for a specific period.
  • STANDARD, which is an onsite and offsite, fixed price model that covers all support needs over a fixed period of time with an option to buy consulting days for new requirements emerging during the period.
  • Depending on the hardware and storage configuration, a SAP environment may face performance issues after a long period of use. Housekeeping is a must on any system and, it is in such cases that our Archiving solution comes handy. We conduct a detailed study of the system before recommending the right strategy for archiving. Our strategy will define what objects to be archived in what sequence. If the customer has a 3rd party tool such as Mobius and iXOS, we consider them in our solution.